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Vinyl Room Dividers Provide a Clean Look

The Location

Orange Island Culture Salon

The Challenge

Additional Storage space

The Solution

The Orange Island Culture Salon is a great example of a facility that requires a space that is malleable, ever-changing to the needs of their community. A cultural center is a wonderful place to have in the community where students of all ages – from young children to retired seniors – can exchange ideas, learn, and enjoy art and music. To accommodate their every changing space needs they use Screenflex folding partition walls. Whether it is to create a storage room, divide a classroom in half, or for privacy for a meeting, Screenflex room dividers can adjust to their needs. Since they can wipe clean, the salon staff chose vinyl room dividers.

These partitions also can have an antimicrobial agent added to them for extra sanitation. Though many healthcare centers typically enjoy these coverings for their facilities, they are excellent to use anywhere. Choose a room divider color from our 38 color choices. You are sure to find vinyl room dividers that complement your design.

“Behind Screenflex, there are chairs and other things hidden. I think the color perfectly matches with the room,” states Akihino, our contact from Orange Island. We are thrilled that our dividers could help their facility.



Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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