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Preschool Classroom Room Dividers

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The Location

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Challenge

Additional classroom and office space

The Solution

In 2009, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bethesda Maryland decided to grow their infant and preschool services housed at their Guiding Star Child Development Center. The plan was to use the basement area, but because of the low ceilings and fire codes, they couldn’t erect permanent walls. Permanent walls would have also disrupted airflow and reduced lighting. One call to Screenflex provided them with the perfect solution because we specialize in preschool classroom room dividers. Our room dividers will not only create separate rooms, but the sound-absorbing quality will help reduce the sounds that 20 children are likely to make. More importantly, the design of a Screenflex Portable Partition makes them a safer, more durable product.

The center director submitted the room’s measurements and the number of required rooms they would need to care for 20 children. We drew up complimentary 3-d and 2-d plans for the area showing the correct height and length of dividers needed. We were able to create three infant rooms, two preschool classrooms, and a small office area. Our suggested design was exactly the configuration they required for their program, and they placed an order for Mauve fabric dividers. These classroom dividers are perfect for preschool or any other early childhood education center.

Because infant sleeping areas would be adjacent to the divider panels, the Fire Marshal requested we submit the fire test data for our product. Our classroom dividers passed the E84-05 test with flying colors and then the Maryland State Office of Child Care approved the area.

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