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Small Office Space Solutions

The Location

Fun & Games Rentals

The Challenge

Privacy screens

The Solution

Simple Small Office Space Solutions

The front office of Fun & Games Rentals is the hub of their office.  It is where calls are received, customers are greeted, sales are negotiated and where meetings take place.  The open concept has worked great until recently when they realized they needed privacy during meetings so they wouldn’t disrupt business.  They construction of the facility prevents them from erecting a permanent wall, so they needed a movable wall that would do the trick.  The rental company purchased a 6’8″ room divider that separates the meeting room from the front counter but is stored to the side when not in use.  This opens the space up to be used for other purposes. The room dividers provide a simple and reasonable option as small office space solutions.  Our room dividers are available in 38 colors and 36 sizes to fit your room dividing needs.




Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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