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Unsightly Chair Storage Problem Solved with Room Dividers

The Location

First United Methodist Church 

The Challenge

Storage for items when not in use

The Solution



Screenflex Portable Room Dividers ~ A Solution for Storing Extra Chairs and Tables

The First United Methodist Church in Clyde, TX did not have adequate storage space for their fellowship hall tables and chairs. When the tables and chairs were not being used they loaded them onto carts and pushed them against a wall to get them out of the way. They purchased a 24′-1″ long Screenflex unit to solve their unsightly storage problem by positioning the open divider to hide unused items from view. A bonus is that they can use the divider as a separating wall when they set up the tables and chairs for various functions!

Sturdy, durable and long-lasting, Screenflex Portable Walls are available in 6 heights and 6 lengths and 38 color choices. Units ship fully assembled and ready to use. Manage the space in your facility with Screenflex. Call us today at 800-553-0110 for a quote or to get a list of customers in your area.


Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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