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Vacation Bible School Ideas Using Screenflex Room Dividers

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A roller coaster made from pool tubes is tacked to a Screenflex Room Dividers. Balloons rest on nets hanging from the ceiling.
Yellow book bags hang on the sides of Screenflex Room Dividers while adults help students complete VBS crafts.
A round table covered in an orange table cloth sits at the center of room dividers decorated to resemble a restaurant.
Red and Yellow stars hang from a Screenflex Divider behind students that are sitting at tables decorating shoe boxes.
An elementary student stops coloring to pose for a picture during craft time at VBS.
Male and Female adults helps young students color pictures during craft time at a VBS camp.
Adult staff assist young VBS students decorate their activitiy bag to be used throughout the week.
A lady sits on a chair next to a game board created on a portable room divider.
VBS drama stage created using an abandoned boat, a pier, and a fishing hut.
Families gather in a church to listen to a preacher speak from a stage decorated to look like a cold snowy night in the mountains.
Adult staff assist students at a Vacation Bible School draw on red shoe boxes while sitting at long tables.
Students sit at a round table at a VBS camp help in a church sanctuary.
Oldfashioned red coal train engine stage prop
A mural of a kangaroo tacked to a Screenflex Room Divider being used for VBS backdrop

The Location


The Challenge

Separate classroom, worship and craft space for VBS camp

The Solution


They’re not just for dividing space or creating extra rooms!  Most churches already own a Screenflex room divider, and because they’re on wheels, they’re perfect for bringing into your VBS program and using them in many creative ways.

Show Us How You Used a Screenflex Room Divider At Your Vacation Bible School

Are you a Screenflex customer who has used one of our products for your VBS?  If so, please email your photos to [email protected], and we’ll feature them on our website, add them to our photo gallery and send you a special gift!






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