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So, you’re in the market to get room dividers for your school, office, church etc. How do you know if the room divider you choose will withstand the rigors of  every day use? After all, you will most likely keep your dividers for many years to come. Take a look at this video to see how stable our room dividers really are.

Screenflex Room Dividers are made for temporary or permanent use anywhere you need to divide space. If you think about a stability, what comes to mind? A mountain, or a triangular object is what comes to mind. Our dividers are built to be stable. Both end frames are a full 29 1/4″ wide for maximum stability. When dividers are closed, the divider will lock together for safe and stable storage. At each bend, position controllers lock all panels in a straight line if a straight line is desired. If a curved shape or “L” shape is desired, bend to create your shape.

Video Transcript:
Hi, I’m Steve from Screenflex room dividers. I’d like to tell you about the stability of our room dividers today.
If you’ll notice, the design of the frame is wide and stable on the bottom, and narrow and light at the top.
This makes for a very stable design. In a closed position when you are rolling the divider, it has tremendous stability.
When it is open and in use it stands straight and stable as well.
Thank you for watching.