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Screenflex Room Dividers With Doors

Room Divider Swing Style Door on the end of a Room Divider

Yes! You can add an optional door.

Do you make dividers with doors?

A customer called asking if we offer room dividers with doors. Thank you for your great question. The answer is yes! We do offer a door option that will connect right to the end of your Standard Room Divider. Here is the question this customer called about:

Q: I am making a room in the basement for my son but I do not want permanent walls. My measurements are 6’10” high and 24′ long I would like to know how many panels I need and what would it cost to add a door to the mix.

A: We do have a door option for our portable room dividers. The Screenflex door option is a single 22″ panel that connects to either end of your Standard room divider. It swings freely in both directions, and will always “center out” in the closed position after you let it go. There is also a magnet at the bottom of the door, which allows you to prop the door open.

To create a 24′ run, you can use our 13-panel unit, which measures 24’1″ when fully extended. Adding an optional door would add about 2′ (22″ panel plus 2″ frame) to the total length. But because of the way Screenflex room dividers fold at each hinge, this would still fit in your 24′ opening.

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