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Room Dividers for Churches, Mosques, and Temples

Based on the changing needs for commercial room dividers in churches, we originally designed, developed, and patented Screenflex Portable Room Dividers for religious facilities.

Our temporary walls make it possible for you to create a bible study space, worship center, meeting room for Sunday School, and more.

Room Dividers for Religious Use

Suggested Products for Religious Facilities

Portable Room Dividers for Sunday School Classrooms, Youth Programs, Sanctuaries, Fellowship Halls, and More

As church architects and builders, we at Screenflex have a unique understanding of the wide variety of different uses for your religious facility. “Our need for room dividers keeps changing,” is a statement we have heard many times from the church community. Screenflex portable partitions are ideal for any church, mosque, temple, or religious organization where a private setting is desired.  Children, teens, and adults can enjoy a space a distraction-free space by simply rolling the partition into place and locking the corner casters to secure the panels into the desired position.

Our easy-to-use, accordion-style church portable walls are great for:

  • Creating Sunday school or VBS classrooms
  • Separating groups in a large room
  • Cutting down on overall room noise
  • Dividing a sanctuary, temple, or mosque space
  • Creating smaller spaces in fellowship halls
  • Making a speaker backdrop
  • Compact storage – stores in a 2’x3′ space

When needing to adapt your facility space to the needs of your congregation there are several things to keep in mind when choosing a portable church room divider.  Are the church portable walls versatile in their configuration and color and size choices?  Screenflex dividers can be arranged in a U, L, S, round, or square shape.  Partitions are available in 36 sizes and 38 colors. Our sales team is here to help you choose a fabric color to compliment your facility, whether it’s bright and colorful for children or a soft or a subdued color for a sanctuary.  Screenflex tackable dividers absorb up to 50% of ambient noise in most rooms making them a practical and economical decision when redesigning your space.  Consider adding a matching acoustical wall panel to your facility’s wall to absorb even more noise.

All of our portable church equipment for sale is made only from the most durable, high-quality materials. We will be happy to send you a list of customers in your area to view the divider in use. Screenflex offers a variety of heights, lengths, colors, and options in our Standard, Wallmount, and other church dividers meant to fit in your space. If commercial room dividers for your churches are what you need, we’ve got the products for you.