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Worship Space Portable Dividers

The Location

North Richland Hills Baptist Church-Texas

The Challenge

Section off areas of a church sanctuary

The Solution

Although every church is different in its structure, typically, the sanctuary is one of the biggest spaces in the facility. For this reason, these rooms can have plenty of uses outside of only the Sunday service. North Richland Baptist Church in Texas needed to use its sanctuary for temporary extra classroom space. In order to separate one classroom area from another in this worship space, this church uses Screenflex portable dividers.

Two Screenflex Standard Partitions are connected for extra length in this sanctuary. These partitions are both 6’8″ in height to offer privacy to the average height of a person. These portable dividers allow two classes to take place in the worship space at one time by providing separation and limiting distractions. While the photo showcases the partitions opened all the way to create a straight line, the panels fold accordion-style to create a variety of other shapes as well. This style of manufacturing also allows the dividers to close compactly in a 2 ft by 3 ft space for easy storage. In general, this church loves their partitions and said they would recommend them to anyone in need.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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