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Private Kids' Room in Church

The Location

Beacon Assembly of God

The Challenge

Create a secure church daycare

The Solution

Beacon Assembly of God in Roscommon, Michigan needed an area that is safe and secure for the children in their ministry. However, their church simply did not have a private space for their kids’ room, and they needed a new solution. Instead of building a new room in their facility, the leaders at this church opted to try out portable dividers. By reaching out to Screenflex, the people at Beacon Assembly were able to find a safe and affordable option to create their new kid space.

This church decided to get two Screenflex Standard Dividers to create a temporary wall in one of their multipurpose rooms. These partitions connect in the middle to cover the expanse of the room while remaining stable. The dividers are not only portable but also fold accordion-style to effortlessly open and close when needed. The panels also take up minimal space to store when they close up. This capability allows Beacon Assembly to adapt their space in multiple ways and change the size of their private kids’ room in the church. Pastor Jason Shory told us at Screenflex that they were incredibly pleased with the purchasing experience.

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