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Candy Table Display Backdrop

The Location

Quentin Road Baptist Church

The Challenge

Church portable walls create a candy table display

The Solution

Decorative Candy Table Display ~ Screenflex Portable Walls

Once a year around October, the women who work in the Screenflex office attend a local women’s banquet. It is a wonderful social outing for the women to bond and enjoy each others’ company outside of the workplace. ¬†Each year, we are excited to see the decorations and theme for the event. The facility is a long-standing Screenflex client that uses room dividers in the church, school, and activity space. This year’s banquet was an under the sea theme. The space was filled with balloon creatures, homemade jellyfish, and loads of food. The biggest hit of the event is the enormous candy table for the children, although adults try to sneak a few items every now and then. To create a backdrop for the table and create a decorative scene, the establishment uses a black Screenflex room divider. Decorations are draped over the top of the panels as well as tacked and stapled onto the fabric panels. This candy table background is delightful for any fun or wacky occasion.