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Rolling Partition Walls Form the Space you Desire

The Location

Cryptic Studios

The Challenge

Flexible Filming Space Using a Rolling Partition Wall

The Solution

Solve Your Room Dividing Needs with Rolling Partition Walls

The Cryptic website says it best…..”Cryptic Studios’ development process is centered on efficiently structured teams working together in a collaborative atmosphere to develop high-quality games.”  We were so excited when Cryptic Studios reached out to us for a solution to their studio space.  They offer a collaborative workspace that often requires a large open space for actors to conduct scene work, exercise, work together on dialogue, and rehearse.  However, there is also a need to divide the space into smaller areas for individualized work.  After researching many options for a rolling room divider, Cryptic chose Screenflex Room Dividers because of their superior quality and portability.  Here are some pictures of their roller dividers in a few different configurations, including closed and stored (which is a valuable feature, in their opinion). The rolling partition walls arrive fully assembled and ready to roll out of the box and put to use.  

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