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Using Screenflex Dividers For Storyboard Presentations

storyboard presentation ideas

High Traffic Area? Need Privacy? No Problem! Screenflex Room Dividers.

room dividers

Room Dividers For Crowd Control At The Orlando Airport

Airport room dividers

Functional and Stylish Room Dividers For Salons

Pretty Nails Salon

Dividers at any place for any reason

Whether you need to limit access to the gate or provide a separate "room" for scanning or inspections

Airport “Traffic Controller”

Passenger traffic easily controlled/guided with the help of Portable Room Dividers

Privacy for scanning/luggage inspection

Screenflex Room Dividers provide a perfect visual barrier during scanning or luggage inspection

Secure Areas/Passenger Comfort

Hundreds of feet of dividers are locked together at JFK Airport.  This allows passengers to leave the plane during a ground stop without entering the general population of air travelers

Divide off Reception Area from Office Space

Easily Divide Reception and Office Area

Portable, tackable dividers help sales managers get their points across at annual sales meeting.

Open area on this hotels second floor, adjacent to meeting room

Orderly lines for serving area

Acoustical divider is easily rolled into place to help keep order in the serving line during busy times

Portable divider helps define area for training meeting

Training area created inside a massive convention center.  Lighting above, darkness outside the training area

Acoustical divider helps divide cafeteria

This 6

Inside the Office

Accordion folding wall is rolled into place and unfolded to provide much greater privacy for this office manager

Circular shaped meeting room

This  room divider is set up in a circular fashion to correspond to the round table in the middle

Door helps make even easier access!

Door helps create easy access from room to room

Instant training room!

Since the conference room was "booked" all day, this company used their Freestanding Room Divider to create a needed traiing room for a day.

Portable tackable wall makes it’s rounds.

Portable Room Divider becomes a portable bulletin board and is easily moved throughout the corporate offices.  Here it is being used in the lobby.

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