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Adapt and optimize your facility in minutes with Straightflex Sliding Dividers. These portable partitions open and close in a straight line with their sliding hinges and are easy to expand to the desired length. The aluminum frame is lightweight yet strong enough to ensure the divider can safely be transported from place to place. This room divider is available as either freestanding or wall-mounted and can be further customized with several fabrics and materials. Straightflex Sliding Dividers can create temporary meeting spaces, focused classroom areas, private party areas, and anywhere else room division is needed in a commercial setting.


Main Product Details:

    • Acoustic honeycomb panels for sound-dampening
    • Full 90-degree end panel for stability
    • Sliding hinges to allow panels to retract in a straight line
    • Locking, non-marking casters
    • Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frames
    • Wall-mounted or freestanding options are available
  • Material options include fabric and polycarbonate

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Fluted Polycarbonate

  • PLGR: LightGray


  • PBLU: Blue


  • POPL: Opal


  • PDGR: DarkGray


  • PCLR: Clear


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*Note: website colors may vary from actual colors.

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