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Waiting Room Dividers

The Location

Hospital Waiting Room

The Challenge

Limit Contagion from Patients in a Waiting Room Area

The Solution

A healthcare facility can carry and spread a lot of germs. While medical professionals have tools and precautions to keep them safer from contagion, patients in the waiting area don’t necessarily have that capability. So how do these hospitals keep their patients safe from viruses before they meet with their doctor? Some facilities have been using Screenflex products for waiting room dividers.

The Screenflex Clear Divider is a versatile product for many healthcare needs. In times of an epidemic or even regular flu season, these waiting room partitions can act as a barrier from patients sitting close to one another in the doctor’s office. These see-through walls are especially useful for those who need a clear line of sight surrounding them. For instance, parents supervising their kids, or even deaf/hard of hearing patients needing visibility from their doctor would benefit from dividers in the waiting line. Standing at 6’2″ in height, these partitions can shield the average person from germs flying towards them. The casters along the bottom smoothly glide over any surface, making it easy to place them in the desired location. For added sturdiness, the casters also lock to hold the screen in place. Available in 1 and 3 panels, these Clear Dividers can adjust to any waiting room need.

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