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Folding Room Dividers to Fit Any Space


Screenflex offers 36 room divider sizes and ranging from 4-8 feet.  Our longest panels fully extend to 24’1″ long.  If you need to divide a smaller space but are using a long partition, simply put a “kink” in the wall to shorten it’s length.  This concept is shown in this short video.

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Transcript for Folding Room Dividers to Fit Any Space

Hi.  I’m Steve and this is Monica from Screenflex.  I wanna show you how to use a divider in a confined space.

The distance between our two cabinets in our conference room here is 15 feet 4 inches.  Our dividers come in six standard lengths and none of them are 15 feet 4 inches.  We are between the 13 foot 1 inch and the 16 foot 9 inch.

The trick is to use the next size longer.  In this case, the 16 foot 9 inch.  Monica, if you’d give me a hand.  Expand the divider open.  We’ll put a kink in the divider let’s say here. Pull it up against the cabinet.

There you see with a small bend the divider will fit the space quite comfortably. Obviously, this will be accommodating any size width that you need between 13 foot 1 and 16 feet 9.

Thank you.