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Tips on Adjusting the Length Room Divider Panels


The sales staff at Screenflex is available to assist you in purchasing the correct size room divider panels for your needs.  Sometimes it is easier to purchase a longer divider than expected because it can be manipulated to different dimensions.  To find out further information on purchasing a divider or to obtain a FREE divider plan contact or 855-960-6020.

Tips on Adjusting the Length Room Divider Panels

Female: We’ve been asked before, do I need to get the exact length room divider for my space?  The answer is no.

Male: When using a longer room divider in a smaller space, simply put a kink in it like this.  Or, you can overlap tow panels, like this. 

Female: With 36 different sizes our sales consultants can advise you on what room divider is perfect for your spatial needs.