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Packaging and Shipping Screenflex Dividers


Transcript for Room Divider Packaging and Shipping

Screenflex Room Divider Packaging procedure.  Screenflex portable room dividers.

Each Screenflex container has been built to withstand the rigors of cross country shipping.

Each divider is centered on a corrugated base and amazingly rigid support cylinders are placed under and around each corner caster.  With the aid of both these support cylinders and rectangular supports placed under the unit, the divider is actually lifted off of the corrugated base.  This way the casters are well protected and the entire unit is cushioned.

The supports act as shock absorbers as your new Screenflex divider travels across the country.

Styrofoam strips are attached to the sides for additional protection.  Support wings are added to the top.  Thick sheets of corrugated are utilized for the sides and top.  Hot glue helps secure the container together.  Heavy-duty staples are used to complete building the container.

Five corrugated cushioned pads are attached underneath to help absorb even more shock and provide easy access.

The container is labeled and is ready for shipment.  Note the easy grip handles make moving the container much easier.