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Self-Leveling Casters

Self-Leveling Casters

We understand that no floor is 100% level!  That is why Screenflex Room Dividers are equipped with our proprietary non-marking self-leveling casters.  Screenflex designers found that similar to shock absorbers on a car, self-leveling casters absorb any bumps, obstacles, and roughness of the flooring surface. This technology provides you with a safe and stable divider that remains in contact with your floor during setup, in use, and when stored. You can rest assured that if your floor has some dips and bumps, your divider will remain stable and straight.

Additional benefits of a self-leveling caster:

  • A set of three-inch non-marking rubber-wheel swivel casters support each end frame
  • Locking pedal-activated brakes located on the corner wheels keep the divider securely in place
  • Ball-bearing technology allows each wheel to swivel 360 degrees, making it easy to roll even our largest divider down a long hallway, around a corner, or across a substantial room



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