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The Benefits of Screenflex Room Divider Casters

Self-Leveling CastersRoom Divider CastersEnd FrameHave you ever tried to lift and carry a 150 pound room divider across a room? How about across a gymnasium floor?  I can’t say that I have, but since I lack that coveted upper body strength I think I might fail at that task. Imagine lifting and setting up ten 150 pound room dividers.  How long do you think it might take you?

Wait! Now add several self-leveling casters….

Why Room Divider Casters Are So Important

Screenflex makes transporting and setting up your dividers effortless. Create meeting areas, temporary classrooms or divide any area large or small for any reason in minutes.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that Screenflex self-leveling casters provide:

Self leveling

All of the casters on our dividers are self-leveling. This self-leveling feature allows the casters to follow the dips and rises on any floors surface enabling your divider to remain level on any surface.

Dual casters for greater stability

Double casters provide a stable base for our room dividers, which means our dividers are extremely stable.

Corner Caster wheel locks

Lockable casters keep your dividers from moving and shifting around. Once you have set up your room dividers you can lock down the casters to keep them in place. While storing your room dividers, wheel locks will keep your divider stationary during storage.


Our non-marking wheels will keep your gymnasium or other hard surface floors from scuffs and scratches.

Instant portability

Set up classrooms, meeting rooms, private dining rooms in minutes with Screenflex portable room dividers.

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