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Is Shipping Carton Construction Important?

Screenflex shipping carton construction

Screenflex shipping carton construction

 Screenflex Room DividersIs shipping carton construction important?  It sure is! 

For over 28 years Screenflex has refined and improved its packaging carton to endure the rigors of cross-country shipping.  A heavy-duty corrugated cardboard container surrounds each Screenflex Room Divider. Our carton construction meets the rigorous standards set by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association.

First, a corrugated base rests under each divider. Next, rigid support cylinders are placed under and around each corner caster to protect the wheelbase.  Additionally, rectangular cardboard supports placed beneath the unit during shipping absorb shocks.  A support system cushions the divider during transport.  The support’s act as a shock absorber as your new Screenflex Divider travels across the country.

Furthermore, styrofoam strips protect the sides of each room divider and support wings cover the top of the divider. Thick sheets of corrugated cardboard surround the sides and top to the divider for added protection. Underneath the divider, corrugated cushion pads help absorb more shock and give easy access for forklifts. Handles are then cut into the corrugated box to make moving the carton easier.  We use recognized carriers to make sure our product ships safely to you. As you can see, your Screenflex Room Divider will arrive safe and secure and ready to use.


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