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School Therapy Room Ideas

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Room dividers create a smaller room within a larger classroom
A room divider splits a therapy classroom in two
A set of student desks with supplies are arranged next to a portable wall that divides a classroom in two
An open classroom with tables and chairs for the teacher and students

The Location

Camino Grove Elementary School

The Challenge

Need to divide one room into multiple therapy rooms to limit distractions and increase student outcomes.

The Solution

A Shared Therapy Room Success Story


Three therapists at the Camino Grove Elementary School shared one large classroom for the various therapy session and needed therapy room ideas to help manage their space.  Students would share this space for their OT, speech, and DTT session.  This shared space distracted the students from focusing on their own tasks.  Screenflex Portable Room Dividers were just the solution they needed.  The room dividers arrived at the school fully-assembled and ready to use. The staff rolled the dividers into position to create three classrooms within the one room. Then they locked the corner caster wheels, securing the unit into place, and arranged the needed tables, chairs, trampoline, and supplies into place.  The staff and students loved their new space!



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