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What are Good Solutions for Dividing my Space?

The Location

Downers Grove North High School-Downers Grove, IL

The Challenge

Create a "gallery" area in a library

The Solution

The staff of the Downers Grove North High School (DGNHS) Library contacted the Screenflex sales team looking for simple space dividing ideas.  After listening to the customer’s needs, a longer unit was the solution to sectioning off the space needed in the library. A 6-feet unit still allows the light and HVAC system to reach the sectioned off space.  Because of the sound baffles and two layers of insulation used to create each panel, the library was able to enjoy the added sound-absorbing qualities the portable walls offer.

“I’ve been meaning to let you know how much we’re enjoying our Screenflex divider at the Downers Grove North High School Library!

It’s been perfect to keep out the visual and sound distractions in our open library space so we can instruct in our “Gallery” area.

As an added bonus, we’ve also been able to use it to hang our “green screen” for video projects.  Initially, we had a green screen setup that had to be mounted on a wall, but the lighting in that area of our library was not ideal and it was a lot of work to set it up and take it down.  The Screenflex divider allows us to temporarily screen in our “Gallery” area for the classroom while groups film their video footage with the green screen on the other side.” ~ DGNHS Faculty and Staff

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