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Children's Ministry Space Renovations

Market: Religious
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Early Childhood Education Classroom of Students and Table and Chairs
Elementary Classroom With Two Tables and Chairs

The Location

Children's Ministry Classroom

The Challenge

Increase available classroom availability

The Solution

Whether you are making small updates or doing a complete remodel, there comes a time when every children’s ministry space needs some renovations. Incorporating movable walls into the design plan can be a critical asset to transforming your ministry space for both your current and future needs. Screenflex Portable Room Dividers give you an opportunity to create flexible space solutions. Walls can be arranged in a moments notice when a classroom needs to be divided to accommodate additional students. The sound-absorbing wall creates a visual and audio barrier between the classes to eliminate distractions and support focused learning. When the entire classroom space is needed at once, close the accordion-style partition and store in a 2 ft by 3 by space to enjoy the open classroom. Casters allow you to reposition the walls with ease into the configuration that best suits your facility space and design. Portable walls can also be used as a backdrop for children’s worship, VBS camps, crowd control, to create storage areas, or to restrict access to hallways and classrooms not in use for events.

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