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Church Privacy Area During Sermon

Market: Religious
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The Location

Community Church

The Challenge

Create a small religious classroom

The Solution

The church, and activities that take place within it, are always changing. Sometimes when a particular congregation has experienced new growth, the leaders need a way to accommodate all of it. Some techniques to handle membership growth include renting a new space, building a new facility, or even just using partitions in their current location. As shown in the photos, creating a church privacy area is simple by connecting a couple of Screenflex Room Dividers.

This sectioned-off space works great for occasions that need a separate area from the main event. For instance, when there are religious education classes that need to occur during a ceremony, like confirmation, this privacy area in the church gives them adequate room. Using a privacy wall allows the students to speak quietly amongst one another without being distracting to the service. The space can also double as a breakaway area for people to mingle after the sermon ends. To create this type of space, simply put out a snacks/beverage table and a separate seating area from the sanctuary as shown. This church privacy area can be adapted easily with Screenflex portable walls for a variety of events within your congregation.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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