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Gymnasium Barriers Baptist Church

The Location

Ellerbe Baptist

The Challenge

Divide a Large Room into Two Spaces

The Solution

While gyms are excellent for basketball or other sports, sometimes they double as an extra classroom or event space as well. When there is an event set up requiring several rows of chairs facing a stage or projector screen, as shown above, room dividers can be a great addition. Gymnasium barriers not only offer privacy to the event guests but also make the room feel full as well. The Screenflex portable room dividers shown above create a sleek and professional event space.

Ellerbe Baptist Church was looking for a visual barrier to divide their large gymnasium into two spaces. When we asked about their purchasing experience, ‘smooth and pleasant’ was their response. This process also resulted in having two of our high-quality Standard Dividers in their gym. As you can see above, these two partitions form to create a portable wall with an opening in the middle. The representative at this church said one of the top benefits of his Screenflex products is their flexibility. Because these dividers are portable, they can quickly adapt to any space. Even when this particular event no longer needs to be set up, the movable walls can then fold together and store compactly out of the way. In general, the staff at Ellerbe Baptist Church expressed their pleasure with their new Screenflex products.

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