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Two Classrooms in Ministry Space

The Location

Lexington First Alliance Church- Lexington, KY

The Challenge

Create privacy in church's large communal space

The Solution

If you run a church, you may experience needing extra space from time to time. In times of quick membership expansion or simply adding more ministries, a temporary solution for privacy becomes necessary. This church can offer young members a distraction-free environment by using two Screenflex dividers to section off classrooms for their ministry space.

When we asked our contact at Lexington First Alliance Church what they thought about their Screenflex products, here is what they had to say:

“We use our Screenflex Room Dividers in our 1st-4th grade ministry space for our kids. We divide this ministry space into two small groups with room for our check-in desk and a hallway to our large group meeting room. Our room dividers are fabulous for flexibility in the space. They are sturdy, and we love the color. We appreciate how easy they are to fold up and make this a big room again very quickly. These things are the best quality, and we couldn’t do without them. We are very thankful to have them.”

Since Screenflex dividers are high-quality products, they will last this church for decades to come.

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