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School Hallway Barrier Walls

The Location

School Hallways

The Challenge

Restrict Public Access

The Solution

Today, many school buildings remain open to the public after regular school hours.  With gymnasiums and pools rented out, school administrators need effective ways to secure hallways and restrict access to the public after hours.  The public may only use a small portion of the building or rent it for a limited time, so having the flexibility of movable partitions offer you the best choice in restricting access when and where you need it.

Screenflex Portable Room Dividers create a barrier to restrict access in hallways and add an additional layer of security for existing doorways. Screenflex full-length panels block visual access to restricted hallways, cafeterias, equipment, and classrooms, making them an ideal choice over metal gates that allow a full view into the restricted area.

The tackable walls allow you to display detour information, bathroom locations, food areas, and locker room whereabouts for visitors.  We offer six heights and six lengths in room dividers to accommodate the width of your hallway.  Room dividers may be secured together using the optional multi-unit connector to form longer lengths to fit your needs.  Choose a fabric color that compliments your decor and school colors or consider adding your school logo to one of our eight vinyl color options.  The accordion-style room dividers roll on self-leveling casters for easy mobility over door thresholds and carpet.  Locking corner casters secure the divider into position to keep the barrier walls securely in position blocking the hallway.

These barriers DO NOT require any installation, making them a breeze for staff and personnel to set up on the spot.  With Screenflex Portable Room Dividers, school administrators, maintenance, and security staff can rest assured that their school building can remain open to public access while preserving to the safety of the remainder of the facility’s building.


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