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Clear Medical Barrier

The Location

Children's Wellness Center

The Challenge

Clear Medical Barrier for Pediatric Patients and Staff

The Solution

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused medical facilities to quickly adapt to the number of contagious patients coming through their doors. For example, Children’s Wellness Center in the Chicago area typically has two locations for regular pediatric health services at each. However, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, they’ve recently split the workload between sites of regular check-ups/non-endemic patients and those who show flu and cold symptoms. This new policy helps prevent non-contagious patients and staff from also getting sick. As an added measure, the site with potential contagion has recently acquired a clear medical barrier from Screenflex to minimize the spread of germs at check-in.

This 3-panel Clear Divider fits around the front of the check-in desk with ease. For smaller check-in areas, a 1-panel divider would work as well. These partitions fold like an accordion and can adjust to a variety of shapes. The panelocks on top of the divider can also lock in place with just a twist of the hand. When the pandemic is more controlled and contagion isn’t as much of a concern, the screens can be folded together compactly and stored for the next time they are needed. The Children’s Wellness Center staff are pleased with their dividers and the protection from germs it gives them.

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