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Vaccination Clinic Barriers

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The Location

Public Health- Idaho North Central District

The Challenge

Safety Barriers in Vaccination Health Clinic

The Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an issue since early 2020. Naturally, all public health officials and citizens have been looking for the solution to this problem since then. In addition to the social distancing measures to limit the spread of the virus, experts have now come up with a treatment: the vaccine. As the world puts on mass vaccination sites, safety protocols keep everything running smooth and orderly. According to the CDC, vaccination clinics need to have physical barriers to direct traffic and spread people out. Idaho North Central District Public Health was putting on a COVID vaccination clinic, and they needed some of these portable barriers in place. By purchasing Screenflex movable wall dividers, the workers successfully direct traffic in the clinic. Here’s how using Screenflex Dividers helped aid this health crisis.

When it comes to sturdiness in room dividers, Screenflex sets the standard. These partitions rest on self-leveling casters that roll effortlessly over any surface. Along with the steel end frames, these wheels create an incredibly durable base for a lot of foot traffic. Not only do the dividers withstand a large crowd of people, but they also easily stay in good shape. As shown, Idaho North Central placed their ‘Primary Blue’ panels in the clinic to regulate traffic flow. The screens served as barriers to guide people to the next station or to exit the vaccination clinic. Our contact at the clinic, Dean, said the dividers are easy to set up, maintain, and helped them increase distance and privacy.

Patient Privacy • Noise Reduction

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