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Stable Room Dividers Only by Screenflex

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ The Most Stable Room Dividers Around

We are often asked what make our Screenflex partitions so stable? And we believe that is a great question!  Our background is in architecture as we follow the basic principles of weight disbursement. There are four scientific factors to consider when making something stable.

  • The height of the center of gravity versus the base support– The lower the center of gravity the increase of stability.  That is why we have a wide base of our room dividers.Low end frame provides stability
  • The location of the center of gravity– The lower the better.  Our wide base support is located 5 inches from the floor to allow ample space for the caster wheels to move.
  • Body mass or weight– Our room dividers are actually lightweight and easy to move.  Our steel frames and base distribute the weight where it needs to be, near the bottom of the unit.

Friction– Our self-leveling caster wheels remain in contact with all surfaces including uneven surfaces to keep a level partition.

Screenflex portable room dividers are very stable. Each room divider has a 29-1/2″ wide steel frame at each end. The width and weight distribution of the end frame provide much of the stability of the unit. Steel is also more stable than aluminum.Also, because of the full-length hinges on every Screenflex room divider, any force put on the unit is distributed throughout the entire partition, which helps increase the stability of the product.

Finally, our self-leveling casters adjust to minor variations on your floor, making your Screenflex room divider stand straight, even if your floor is not.

Shorter heights and lengths are inherently more stable, yes, but the bottom line is we would not build something if it were not stable.


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