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Dynamic Library Art Show Display Ideas

ART SHOW 2016 FAWN #2 copy

The Laurel County Public Library in London, Kentucky, was in the midst of a large expansion and renovation of their facility.  As a result, each department was given funds to improve their services.  The Adult Programs Manager wanted to purchase a portable backdrop for their programs.  Ideally, she wanted a versatile display for their art and photography showcase as well.  And so began their search for a viable solution.


The library was making a big decision and wanted to be wise with their funds. Therefore, they did extension research to find the right portable divider that was affordable, flexible, and tackable.  We are proud to say that Screenflex Portable Partitions was the exact solution to all their needs.  The dividers arrived fully assembled and ready use immediately.  The self-leveling casters kept the units even as they rolled the dividers into place.  Additionally, the corner casters lock to secure the divider in position.  The library staff enjoyed tacking, pinning and stapling artwork onto the divider panels.

picture comic con hulk

Portable Backdrop

It didn’t take long for the librarians to think of other uses for the room dividers.  Since the dividers close compactly, it was easy to move the units into another area of the library.  Additionally, Screenflex dividers create a family friendly Comic Con selfie station.


The creativity didn’t stop there.  Upon receiving their Screenflex Room Divider shipment, the librarians expressed how impressed they were by the excellent packing and handling of the unit that was provided.  “The library staff is so impressed with the quality and versatility of the dividers. They immediately started brainstorming all of the ways they could repurpose the excellent packing boxes,” adds the library’s adult program manager, Gwen. These images show how the cardboard packing box is used to create a cityscape background. Packing pieces (that stabilize the divider during transit) create a 3-demension look to the cityscape.  Because the units are easy to use, their possibilities are endless.  Be sure to share your portable partitions story with Screenflex.

For more information on how Screenflex Portable Room Dividers can assist you in providing the library art show display, contact a sales representative at 800-553-0110 or via live chat on our website

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