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Quickly enhance the privacy in your office workspace with Officeflex Cubicles. These lightweight cubicle panels arrive preconfigured in three different options – Corner, to add privacy on two sides; Single for one workstation; and Double, for two workstations side by side or facing each other – to help customize your space to your business needs. These panels are designed with sound-absorbing properties to minimize noise distractions and can help increase productivity. For small businesses, call centers, insurance agencies, or any other facility needing modern and tackable workstations, Officeflex offers a cost-effective solution.

Quickly and affordably create a more functional workspace with the Officeflex Cubicle system

  • Lightweight yet, sturdy black aluminum frame
  • Three colors: Charcoal Gray, Slate, and Cloud Gray
  • Optional window customization
  • Available in Corner, Single and Double configurations
  • 2 Sizes, 6’ x 4’ and 6’ x 6’
  • Tackable fabric options for display purposes
  • Easy, no-tool assembly
  • Download assembly instructions 

Select the Size That Is Best For Your Specific Needs.

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  • VCHG: Charcoal Gray

    Charcoal Gray

  • VCLG: Cloud Gray

    Cloud Gray

  • VSLT: Slate


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