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Lourdes Morales

Lourdes Morales


“Our customers really love pinning artwork to the panels of our dividers to create portable art exhibits.”

Why Screenflex Portable Walls Are The Industry Leader

Wondering What Makes Us Different? The design inspiration for the original Screenflex room divider came from our experiences as church architects. We used those observations to build our first portable classroom in the 1980’s. Customer response to this product was strong, which led us to design our first mobile room dividers, patented in the 1990s. Since then, we’ve continued researching, developing, testing, and retesting our portable walls to produce safe, long-lasting, high-quality room dividers.

We Won’t Ever Compromise On Quality. Room dividers are the ONLY thing we manufacture, which allows us to focus on the needs of our customers. We concentrate on providing our customers with the highest-caliber materials, the best construction methods and innovative room divider features. Sure, we could offer less-expensive products by using cheaper materials and cutting back of the number of screws we use. These practices wouldn’t be in the best interest of our customers, though. We do it right, and you shouldn’t accept anything less. Focusing on our customers and solving their space needs is just one of the many reasons we are known as the premier manufacturer of the best room dividers. We can guarantee that no other portable room divider being sold today is built as well as a Screenflex product.

We Put Your Safety First. We want to make sure you invest in a safe, quality product, that will stand up to everything your facility dishes out. To better understand the high quality of our products, we suggest you review the features that are standard on all Screenflex products. See our see our manufacturer comparison page to see how we compare to the other room dividers for sale on the Internet. Remember, you can always call and speak to one of our representatives (who do not work on commission) to have your questions answered.

We Know You Are Unique. Because every customer’s needs are different, we offer many other great features, as extra options. You can see all of these features, such as doors, windows, marker boards, etc., by visiting our options page.

Satisfying your needs is how we are on the way to having over 250,000 Screenflex portable walls in the marketplace, with some customers located near you. Call us at 800-553-0110, and we will be happy to give you a list of satisfied Screenflex customers located right in your area.

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