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Temporary Classroom Partitions

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So You’re Thinking of Using Classroom Partitions

It’s a problem as old as the hills, and you’re suffering from it: a lack of classroom space. You need not just any space but “good” space: usable temporary classrooms that fit your needs with a flexible classroom divider. What do you do?

 The Dilemma 

Perhaps you can relate to this problem: Your kindergarten enrollment is way up this year. Congratulations! That’s a great problem to have. Now, you need to find space to run two all-day kindergarten classes at the same time. You meet with your building staff to review your options.

Classroom of Students surrounded by Room DividersYour Temporary Classrooms Options

  • Use a part of the gymnasium: Some thought that perhaps you could partition off a third of the gym, but no, you all agree that you’ll still need the entire space for gym classes, plays, and parent meetings.
  • Change your program: Instead of offering full-day kindergarten, offer two half-day programs. It’s certainly not the best scenario for anyone involved.
  • Add a mobile classroom: Mobile options are not suitable for kindergarten students, and upfront lease costs are high.
  • Alter the existing classroom: It’s a rather large room and, if divided, could accommodate both classes. An assessment to ensure that the room meets standards for proper ventilation, HVAC, lighting, and egress will need to be completed. You decide there are several options for dividing a classroom. You can either alter the ceiling and install floor-to-ceiling, moveable classroom partitions or build a framed interior wall.  However, both are relatively permanent solutions.

You can make a decision made to move forward with building framed classroom dividers. Partitions will allow you to divide the large kindergarten room into two small classrooms, but here’s what’s wrong with these permanent solutions: The process will be long and arduous.

The Process

  1. Get approval for the project
  2. Allocate money from the building fund
  3. Research and contact an architect/structural engineer/general contractor
  4. Get cost estimates
  5. Get final approval for the project
  6. Hire an architect/structural engineer/general contractor
  7. Apply for a building permit
  8. Submit plans to the city for review and wait for approval
  9. Wait for construction to be completedRoom Dividers Create Temporary Classrooms
Classroom Partitions – The Most Effective Solution for Dividing a Classroom!

Dividing a classroom using a Screenflex portable room partitions is hands down the superior alternative for many reasons.

  • A flexible product: Unlike building a permanent wall or installing a ceiling-mounted permanent divider, buying temporary, accordion classroom partitions allows you to change the dynamic of your classrooms as quickly as your enrollment numbers. Should your headcount change in the future, enabling you to use your entire classroom, room dividers from Screenflex can be easily moved and used in another area where they are needed or stored for future semesters. If you need them to, Screenflex folding separators break down and roll into any new space in just minutes.
  • A multi-use product: Yes, they divide space, but they can also serve other purposes. You can customize your room dividers with hanging marker boards, dry-erase panels, or storage caddies, giving instructors a horizontal space. You can also tack students’ artwork or important notices onto the surface of these freestanding classroom dividers. Partitions we provide have many uses in the classroom; see what some of our clients have done with them!
  • A more stable, sound-absorbing product: Our manufacturing process, along with a patented design and higher-quality materials, is what sets Screenflex dividers apart from the rest and makes us a leader in the industry.
  • Free design service: There’s no need to involve architects and contractors when you have us! Please give us the dimensions of your space and tell us your requirements. Our design experts will create a professional floor plan and 3-D design of your space and do so in the most economical way possible. And as always, this service is free of charge, whether you buy from us or purchase elsewhere.
  • A fraction of the cost: Reasonably priced, our dividers won’t put a significant strain on a budget of a school or church, and their superior quality makes them a smart investment.

Screenflex turns your space problem into a problem solved, and we can do it quickly. Our customer service representatives are ready to help you, and some of our products are ready to ship the next day. Give us a call at 800-553-0110, email [email protected], or chat with us live before you dive head-first into a complicated construction project.

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