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Why choose Heavy Duty Room Dividers?

Screenflex Heavy Duty Room Dividers look very similar in appearance to our standard line of Portable Room Dividers. And for most industries, we usually recommend our standard Screenflex Room Dividers. However, our Heavy Duty line of room dividers are specifically manufactured to withstand even the most challenging conditions found in many busy commercial facilities. For these situations where dividers will be moved frequently, rolled across parking lots, loaded and unloaded onto elevators, or used in high traffic areas likes like airports, convention centers, hotels or sporting events, we recommend bringing in the Big Guns! And there is nothing tougher than Heavy Duty Room Dividers!

For these conditions, we recommend purchasing Screenflex Heavy Duty room dividers. Our Heavy Duty Room Dividers are built with extra wide caster legs for superior panel support, extra strong full length panel hinges, steel reinforcing gusset plates, oversized, extra duty, dual ball bearing casters, standard multi-unit connectors, and added steel crossbar support framing on the end frame. All of these features combined produce the sturdiest Heavy Duty Room Dividers on the market today. And because this class of Room Divider is specifically designed to handle unusually challenging conditions, we proudly designate it as THE WORLD’S TOUGHEST ROOM DIVIDER!
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