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Classroom Divider Ideas

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If your classroom could benefit from room dividers, but you are not exactly sure how to use them, here are a few ways to save your school a little money and create a comfortable and effective classroom environment for your students.

First of all, portable room dividers are much more flexible than ceiling partitions or fixed walls. Portable room dividers can be used anywhere you need to divide space, and they don’t take up much room when you need to store them.

Room Dividers create quiet areas in your classroom and reduce noise and distractions. Room dividers will cut visual distractions by blocking those distractions altogether. Screenflex dividers also reduce the noise in your room by absorbing as much as 60 % of the sound, and dividers help to cut down on reverberation. When sound is absorbed instead of bouncing back, it is easier for students to hear and focus on the lesson.

Room Divider Helps to Reduce Distractions in Your Classroom

Room Divider Helps to Reduce Distractions in Your Classroom

Ideas For Your Classroom Using Screenflex Room Dividers

Reduce Classroom Distractions

This photo shows how one class can be divided into two. Just one divider can be pulled across to cut distractions from the other group. Two teachers can teach with limited interruption.

Create a semi-private reading corner

Create a semi-private reading corner

Book Corner

In this photo, the librarian set up a reading/book corner for the first graders. Kids know where to go on library days to pick out their books for the week. The librarian can select books of a first-grade level, reducing confusion and allowing students to pick from a smaller selection of books.

Testing Spot

Distraction-Free Testing Spot

Distraction-Free For Test Taking

Any classroom can use a quiet spot for test-taking. This classroom in Ohio sent us this great photo. Before using Screenflex, students had to sit in the hallway to re-take a test. Hallway distractions are not conducive to productive test-taking.

Two classes sharing the same classroom.

Two classes sharing the same classroom.

Room dividers work well to minimize classroom distractions. Distractions can disrupt learning and lower productivity. Eliminating distractions can provide a quieter and more productive environment for learning. These are only a couple of ideas for your classroom dividers, but the sky is ultimately the limit.

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