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Classroom Dividers Decrease Noise In A Room

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classroom dividers decrease noise and make a happy studentNoise and visual distractions are usually the number one reason for buying room dividers. Classroom dividers can help decrease noise and cut out annoying visual distractions almost completely. Room dividers can be used in school, dorm room, church, restaurants, almost anywhere you want to cut distractions.

Less Distraction With Room Dividers

Let’s say you have a classroom of 22 students and it’s test day. You can simply set up a small section for reading with just one room divider. Set up a wall that will allow kids to sit on the other side of the divider and read quietly when they finish taking their test. No visible distractions to upset the students who are still taking their tests. Works better than fighting with kids who start to fidget and talk in their seats while others are trying to concentrate.

Another example is when two classes, students & teachers have to share the same space. We get a lot of calls from schools that need two classes to share the same room. Think of how incredibly distracting that could be. Portable room dividers are a great solution to cut those distractions. Teachers and students love the privacy of their own space. Teachers don’t find themselves talking louder to be heard. The portability of room dividers will allow you to open up and close dividers with ease. Combining two classes will be just as easy as it was to separate them, only taking seconds to do it.

Room Dividers Improve Classroom Learning

Room Dividers can also improve the acoustics in your room and increase your learning environment. That’s right! You can actually learn more efficiently in a room with “good” acoustics.

According to an article written by the Acoustical Society of America, creating rooms with proper listening conditions can really make a difference in students’ education.

“Bad” classroom acoustics, such as the noise in a gymnasium, which usually has very poor sound-absorbing qualities can decrease learning. In a room with “bad” acoustics, sound bounces around resulting in reverberation and echo resulting in difficulty hearing.

What Screenflex Room Dividers can do for your room, is absorb up to 65% of the sound that hits it. Room Dividers include sound-absorbing acoustical panels that absorb sound. When sound absorption occurs, the sound quality in the room increases. It’s easier to hear, learn, and focus in a room with better sound quality. Room dividers in the classroom also provide a block against visual distractions, decrease disruptions and noise while increasing learning.


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