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“Collaborate, create and innovate with Screenflex portable Whiteboard Dividers.”

Screenflex Whiteboards Offer Mobility

When it comes to collaborative engagement, nothing beats a whiteboard room divider.  This is why Screenflex Portable Room Dividers proudly offers a one and three-panel portable whiteboard on wheels.  Having a double-sided mobile whiteboard fosters brainstorming, planning, drawing, explaining and teaching in a large visible format wherever the creative juices start flowing.

Screenflex uses a 1/8-inch solid wood core covered with a non-porous dry erase surface, on both sides, to create these versatile whiteboards.  For added durability, our dry erase panels are affixed to custom anodized extruded aluminum channels. Self-leveling casters allow the mobile whiteboards to adjust to varying floor levels to provide you with a stable writing surface.  Locking corner casters ensure the whiteboard partition remains in place when in use.  All of these components combine to make Screenflex Whiteboard Dividers the perfect product for a variety of applications.

Create Together With Whiteboards

Our easy to use whiteboards are ideal for collaborative thinking and effective communication most commonly found in classrooms, conference rooms, athletic training facilitates, religious organization, hospitality or anywhere needed to clearly communicate your message.


Holds Up Against Staining

Our premier dry erase surface never stains, making them the preferred whiteboards by professionals and educators. Screenflex whiteboards are made from a non-porous surface that is designed to be used, erased and reused repeatedly.  Additionally, the dry erase surface does not peel or flake, offering you years of dependable use.

Quality You Can Count On

Our Screenflex Whiteboard is movable and lightweight but also sturdy and durable. These writable walls arrive fully assembled and ready to use, which makes setting them up a one-person job. Just unpack the divider and roll it into place. Need a longer partition wall?  Use the optional Multi-Unit Connector to secure the Whiteboard divider and a fabric divider together to create the length you desire.  When not in use, our whiteboard partitions fold into a 2.5 ft by 3.5 ft space for easy storage.

Screenflex uses the highest quality and durable materials to manufacture your whiteboard divider. Please feel free to contact us online or by phone at 800-553-0110 if you have any questions about your order before you buy. You can also email our sales team at [email protected] or contact us through our live chat feature.

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