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Room Layout Ideas Made Simple

How to create the perfect room layout using Screenflex Room Dividers

Designing the best layout using your Screenflex moving walls isn’t difficult. Following a few tips outlined here will help immensely. Screenflex Dividers are a set of panels on wheels supported on each side by end frames. The end frames are 29 wide and are perpendicular to the last panel of the divider. The divider opens and closes accordion style.

Although hinges join each panel to the other, the end frames are not attached to the unit with hinges. The end frame supports cannot be removed from the units, nor should you since the end frames give the divider superior strength and stability. Although they may at first seem difficult to work around, a few simple tips will help you to position them where they will be the most beneficial and the least likely to interfere with your planned activities. Making Corners and Connecting Room Dividers is simple to do. It just takes a few seconds and a little know how!

Room Layout Ideas Using Portable Dividers

Creating Corners

Just bend the divider at any of its hinge points (hinges bend from 0o to 180o).

A corner made at an intersection between two dividers is not advisable since the end frames are best connected straight to each other. Make the connection before or after the corner and bend one divider 90o to make the corner where you wish.

Drawing of two partitions in an L shape


Creating Angles & Bends

The hinges between each panel swing allow the divider to be positioned at angles or when fully open, a straight line. The hinges will not open past 180 degrees, and panels alternate the way they bend, first to the left, then to the right.

Drawing of two accordion folded room dividers one partially closed and one open


Creating Connections With Two or More Dividers

Connect two or more dividers at the end frames. Lock them securely in place using an optional Multi-Unit Connector. Only the end panels need be straight-on to each other. Create one long straight wall or angle panels to create turns and bends.

A drawing on how to connect the end frame of room dividers


Creating Straight Or Angled Walls

Position the end frame flat against a wall.  Make an angled wall, turn the divider at the next hinged panel.

Room Dividers Up to Walls


Creating Curves

A curved wall can be made by angling every other panel slightly.

An illustration of a curved temporary wall


Creating Doorways Between Sets of Partitions

It’s best to create entry points between the parallel end frames, especially when using one of our optional doors.

Doorways Between Room Dividers Diagram

For more examples of how our customers are using Screenflex Dividers in their facilities, See our Photo Gallery. If you like what you see, or just have questions, our non-commission space planners are standing by to give you answers and pricing or help you create the new space you’ve always needed. Contact us at 800-553-0110, by email at [email protected].


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