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Screenflex designers bring together writable, tackable and sound absorbing qualities into one outstanding room divider.  The dry erase/tackable room divider is the perfect choice for consumers who seek versatility and functionality.

  • Bright white wipeable surface covers one side of this versatile room divider
  • Opposite side of the divider is covered with charcoal black fabric covers a 3/4-inch closed cell honeycomb core
  • Two layers of sound-absorbing fiberglass insulation cover the core for added sound absorption
  • Dry and wet erase compatibility creates an interactive environment and enhances any collaborative workspace
  • Tackable fabric display surface
  • Self-leveling steel casters keep the divider level when moving and using the divider
  • Locking corner casters stabilize the divider when opened

These noise-absorbing, accordion-style partitions provide division and separation in schools, churches, corporations, hospitality and government settings.

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A Honeycomb Core is Surrounded by Two Layers of Insulation covered in Fabric or Vinyl Covering A Honeycomb Core is Surrounded by Two Layers of Insulation covered in Fabric or Vinyl Covering

Maximum Sound Absorbing Panels

Panels are each 3/4 in thick and made of a closed-cell honeycomb core for maximum sound absorption Followed by two layers of environmentally friendly insulation to absorb ambient noise. 76% recycled fabric is used to cover the panels to reduce noise up to 55%. A steel frame surrounds the entire panel for added strength.

Self-leveling casters adjust to the dips and crevices in the floor Self-leveling casters adjust to the dips and crevices in the floor

Self-Leveling Casters

Only Screenflex uses Self-Leveling Casters on its room dividers to conform to the dips and rises in a floor’s surface. This feature ensures that each wheel retains full contact with the floor and enables the divider to glide effortlessly over uneven surfaces.

Use Tackable Panels to Display Material Use Tackable Panels to Display Material


Like a bulletin board, you can pin, staple, or tack items directly onto the panels. Screenflex Room Dividers are constructed using 3/4-inch-thick panels made out of a closed-cell honeycomb core layered with fiberglass facing and covered with stitch-bonded polyester fabric to provide you with years of dependable use.

Steel support base Steel support base

Steel Support Base

Made with steel, our end frame design distributes the weight of the divider closer to the floor making Screenflex the ONLY patented “Stabilized Portable Room Divider” (Patent #6892784).

Piano Style Hinges Secure Panels Together

Strong Full-Length Hinge

Powder painted industrial hinges connect acoustical panels, top to bottom, to provide strength and stability. The powder coating protects the hinges against rust and provides an attractive appearance over years.

Locking Corner Caster Locking Corner Caster

Locking Corner Casters

Pedal activated brakes on Locking Corner Casters keep the acoustical panels secure and steady.  Our self-leveling casters swivel 360 degrees for easy positioning and setup.

storage latch securing closed divider storage latch securing closed divider

Storage Latch

When not in use, the storage latch secures your fire resistant dividers into a compact storage space which makes it easy to roll and move the divider.

Position Controls secure panels into place

Positionable Control Hinges

Located at the top of each hinge consists of position-control hinges (PCHs). When the divider is opened, a soft click indicates the PCH is applying just the right amount of position-holding tension on each hinge.

Made in the USA and environmentally friendly Made in the USA and environmentally friendly

Made in the U.S.A

Screenflex dividers are proudly Made in the U.S.A. using 76% recycled material.

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Allows You to Create Longer Length Room Dividers Allows You to Create Longer Length Room Dividers

Multi-Unit Connector

A set of chrome plated Multi-Unit Connectors installed on the end frames of Screenflex Room Dividers allow you to customize the length of your room divider. A simple turn of the latch joins dividers together to form the length you desire. Connectors may also be used to attach dividers to a Screenflex Wall Frame for a more permanent room divider solution.

Door Swings Closed Door Swings Closed

Swinging Door

The swing-style door opens from either direction allowing you easy access in and out of your divided space. The door is available in 6 heights and any of our fire resistant fabric. The total width of the door, including the frame, is 24′′.

Pouches and Zippered Pockets Provide Ample Storage Pouches and Zippered Pockets Provide Ample Storage

Storage Caddy

This durable nylon storage caddy Velcros to the end frame of any size Screenflex room divider for convenient storage.  The storage caddy features two zippered pouches and six open pockets for storing notebooks, pens, art materials, training material, etc.

Transform divider to a more permanent solution Transform divider to a more permanent solution

Wall Frame

The optional Wall Frame lets you convert our Standard freestanding room divider into a wall-mounted temporary wall.  Once the frame is installed on a wall, you can attach your room divider or a Screenflex Door to this innovative option using the included Multi-Unit Connector.

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    White Dry Erase / Black Tackable Fabric

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Q & A

What is the difference between a whiteboard and a dry erase board?

While similar to Screenflex Whiteboard Divider, the Dry Erase/ Tackable Divider offers more versatility in use. The Dry Erase/ Tackable Divider offers the ability to hang up art or other signage by the tackable fabric or optional magnetic surface.

What takes off dry erase?

To clean off your Dry Erase/ Tackable Divider, all you need is an eraser or spare towel. For the more stubborn dry-erase marker stains, you can use store-bought whiteboard cleaner or even household items such as hydrogen peroxide. 

What’s the difference between wet and dry erase markers?

The difference is dry-erase markers will erase on any non-porous material while wet-erase markers can only be removed with a cloth or towel filled with water or a cleaning solution. Both types of markers can be used on the Dry Erase/ Tackable Dividers without damage to the surface, however, dry-erase is ultimately easier to clean.

We are using Screenflex for planning and updating activities in the Emergency Operation Center. The dividers are flexible, easy to use and store. Perfect! Our buying experience was good. We like the white board on one side and are able to attach messages on the opposite side. They can be collapsed into a small area if needed.  
The dividers are a great value! We are using them as a whiteboard that doubles as an area divider to section off a group. We like the flexibility and cost effective large whiteboard. Our buying experience was fast, pleasant, and easy.
The Screenflex walls are practical and flexible. We are using them to split one classroom into two rooms. We also ordered the white dry erase surfaces to be integrated into our wall, which allows our instructors to use the surfaces as a learning tool. We like the privacy and it is also a very practical way to split an area into 2 functional rooms. Your staff was friendly and pleasant. Our salesperson was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
Great quality! Takes minimum space when folded and very easy to move it around according to our needs. We are using the room divider in an R&D lab to prevent access to hazardous areas (laser hazards). We like the wide range of height and number of panels. Also like the option for dry erase panels.
Excellent Product and good timing to delivery. Very fast response and product delivery. We are using the divider for a training room. We like the mobility, whiteboard and strong panels.
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