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Privacy Screens for Video Calls in Your Home Office


Converting office space to use for conference calls, video chats, or webinars is an easy task with Screenflex Portable Room Dividers. The room dividers are simply expanded to create temporary walls to form a more intimate working area, then folded back together to convert the space back to its original use. This screen can also be used as an excellent backdrop while video conferencing. For further information, contact a sales representative at or call (800) 553-0110.

Transcript for Privacy Screens for Skype Calls in Your Home Office

Steve:                         Hey Monica, how are you today?

Monica:                      I’m good Steve.  How about yourself?

Steve:                          I’m doing pretty well thank you.  Nice to talk to you.

Monica:                      Yeah, you, too.  I was just going to ask you if you were gonna go to the meeting on Friday.

Steve:                          10:00, yeah.  I’ll be there.

Monica:                      Sounds good.  By the way, your office looks a little messy back there.

Steve:                         Oh gosh.  I forgot to put my room divider across.  Hold on just a minute.

Monica:                      Sure.

Steve:                          Is that any better?

Monica:                      Yeah, that’s much better.

Steve:                          This is my Screenflex room divider. When you work out of your home like I do, I put it across so people can’t see the messy clutter and it looks very professional.

Monica:                      That’s actually a good idea. I need to get some of that product for my home office.

Steve:                          You can call them.  Screenflex is 1-800-553-0110.

Monica:                      Oh, thanks for the number. I will give them a call and I’ll get some for myself.

Steve:                          Okay and I’ll see you on Friday.

Monica:                      Sounds good.  Thank you so much.  Take care.

Steve:                        You, too.

Monica:                     Bye.

Steve:                         Bye.  Better.