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Daycare Learning Centers Use Portable Walls to Divide Large Spaces

Portable Room Dividers in Learning Center
Daycare room separated with room dividers

The Location

Daycare center design

The Challenge

To have the ability to modify a large room into smaller classrooms

The Solution

 More Views of How a Busy Daycare Learning Center Uses Temporary Walls

When this new daycare came to us they were looking for a way to maximize the use of their new daycare center.  The area experienced a baby boom and so the owners needed to have a flexible space that could adjust to the fluctuation in class sizes as the kids got older. Our experienced sales team worked with the owners to find the perfect length and height room divider for their space.  The 6’0″ tall room divider allows for the light and air flow to move freely throughout the space.  Unlike floor to ceiling units that block the light and HVAC system.  The movable walls lock in place and are durable and safe for daycare centers, schools, churches and the like.

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