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Can You Use an Eight Feet Room Dividers in an Eight Feet Tall Room?


Using your eight feet tall divider

Can we use an 8 ft tall room divider in an 8 ft tall room? No, there are various reasons this will not work. You need more than an 8′ clearance to stand your unit upright when angling through a doorway.  You must allow 6′ clearance.  An 8′ tall room may have high and low spots. No construction is perfect. Our room dividers have position control hinges across the top, to keep the unit open. The position controllers add of an inch to the height of the unit. It is best to order a 7’4″ room divider or shorter for an 8′ tall room.  Most people can not look over a 6’8″ partition.

Sound tends to travel up, so even if there is an opening at the top, it will not make that much difference.  Our units do absorb sound, however, they are more of a visual barrier and we promote the visual, not the sound qualities.  We have several heights to choose from.  A room divider is an often overlooked item that can be easily added to any room’s décor for dimension, color, and interest. Because of their many sizes, colors, and fabrics, there is certainly a room divider that will fit well into your space.



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