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Folding Wall Dividers Help With Sound And More!

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Folding Wall Dividers Increase Classroom Control

I like this story about how Fairview Elementary School in Mora, Minnesota has put our folding wall dividers to use. Frequently, as a school’s enrollment increases administrators might need to find a way to expand their facility without having to add an entire classroomA school uses a classroom partition to divide a classroom into two rooms. The best way to add a room without physically building a permanent wall is to use portable room dividers.

Fairview’s large classroom is home to three preschool classes. Originally the classes were separated by several file cabinets that were stacked up to divide and create rooms. An increased number of kids amplified the sound in the classroom bringing forth some distractions which facilitated the need for teachers to put in a request for a Screenflex Folding Wall Divider.

Fairview Elementary in Mora purchased one 6′ tall 13 panel Standard Room Divider to separate the room into three classes. Teachers are quite excited about their new classroom set up and enjoy the definite separation of early childhood and kindergarten students with the taller wall. Since they received the dividers they have also found that the portable wall helps tremendously with sound.” The divider has been a great help,” says Lori, one of the administrators. Teachers and administrators hope to buy another divider soon to help with more of their dividing needs.

Using the dividers as instructional spaces is another suggestion for these portable walls. Because the dividers are tackable, they can function as bulletin boards for assignments, display boards for students’ work, or other instructional materials. For schools everywhere, folding partitions can really revamp the classroom.

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