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Fire Resistant Dividers


Why Choose Screenflex Portable Welding Screens? 

Enhance safety and efficiency in your facility’s welding and grinding environments with Fire Resistant Dividers. These all-aluminum divider panels are certified 100% non-combustible materials that produce zero sustained flaming, reducing the potential for flash burns, and creating a shield to protect from the glare of dangerous UV light. And its versatility can be used beyond a welding setting — autobody shops, warehouse and distribution centers, vocational and technical schools, kitchens, carpentry areas, and more.

This mobile welding shield is freestanding, with no overhead rails or frames required. Offering the highest level of fire resistance, these partitions will let you adhere to OSHA standards for fire prevention, arc welding, and combustible walls and create a safe and protected environment for vocational tasks for yourself and your coworkers. 

Safety is a Priority 

  • All-aluminum divider panels are certified 100% non-combustible materials 
  • Meets OSHA standards for combustible walls, fire prevention, and protection from welding rays 
  • Product ships fully assembled 
  • Panels connected by patented 360-degree rotating hinges; set up straight or with turns between panels 
  • Screenflex fire-resistant screens are more economical and easier to use than similar products 
  • All products drop ship directly to the customer in 5 to 10 days


Solid Construction

Steel panel frames and low and durable end frames provide stability to the welding screen. The sturdy end frame enables you to quickly reposition the divider into a straight, angled, “L,” or “U” shape to surround a welding area, create a temporary welding booth, or form a complete welding enclosure. The open space at the bottom of the welding screen provides for air flow and offers ample room for welding hoses and power cords.  

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Very nice quality. Love the small storage footprint. We saw Screenflex on the internet. We are using the divider as a portable weld screen. We like the flexibility to use in multiple locations in the factory and takes up very little space when not in use. Our purchasing experience was very easy.
We are using the welding divider for a welding screen enclosure. We can use it to surround an entire welding area. We like how it is one continuous partition and it is used daily in our welding areas. We saw Screenflex in and Ad in a magazine and we had a smooth buying process.    
The Screenflex portable welding screen is an excellent product for providing a safe environment when welding. Screenflex sales consultants are great to work with.
The fire resistant screen is used as protection for a designated welding area. Excellent customer service.
We needed a portable welding screen for our maintenance department.  The Screenflex Divider is portable and easy to move around our warehouse. Excellent product!
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