Why choose Screenflex’s portable welding screens?

Portable welding screens from Screenflex provide the perfect solution for creating a safe welding and grinding environment anywhere in your facility. All-steel framing plus Sandel Fire Barrier fabric means these Class A fire-rated dividers will stand up to sparks from welding and grinding.

The Screenflex Welding Screen is different  from all others

Our welding screens are truly portable and ready to use. Screenflex welding walls arrive fully assembled and ready to roll into place. These units are freestanding, with no overhead rails or frames required. When not in use, the accordion separators fold compactly and lock closed.

The standard hands-free locking storage latch keeps the unit in the closed position. Also, standard on every unit is locking self-leveling, double steel casters. Wheels make it possible to quickly move the unit to another location, and the self-leveling casters permit the unit to sit on uneven surfaces. These standard features make rolling and storing your unit an easy task. Screenflex welding curtains only require a two-by-three-foot area for storage and can be rolled through any standard doorway. Our portable welding screens are available in 30 different height and length combinations.

Safety is a priority

The panels on a Screenflex welding screen are hinged together from top to bottom, which eliminates any gaps and reduces the potential for flash burns and the glare of dangerous UV light. Required by OSHA, welding screens offer protection to other workers when welding is being performed in their vicinity. Using a welding screen is just one step among many in creating a safe welding environment for yourself or your workers, but it is a very important one.

Steel panel frames and low and wide end frames provide stability to the welding screen. The hinged panels allow you to set up the unit in many different configurations. Use the end frame handles to quickly bend and position the unit to make straight, angled, “L,” or “U” shapes, or wrap the unit around the welding area to create a temporary welding booth or a complete welding enclosure. The open space at the bottom of the welding screen allows for air flow and provides ample room for welding hoses and power cords.

Protect your employees, your equipment, and your business when you invest in a moveable safety solution that’s both durable and functional. We have many different options for portable welding screens for sale, so browse online or contact us to order your own fire-barrier-fabric partition today!

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