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Our welding screens are truly portable and ready to use in seconds. Screenflex welding walls arrive fully assembled and ready for immediate use. These units are freestanding, with no overhead rails or frames required. Furthermore, when not in use, the accordion separators fold compactly and lock closed. Each Screenflex welding curtains only require a two-by-three-foot storage area.

A full-length hinge secures all Screenflex welding screen panels together from top to bottom.  This full-length hinge eliminates gaps and reduces the potential for flash burns and the glare of dangerous UV light. Required by OSHA, welding screens offer protection to other workers when welding is being performed in their vicinity. Hence, using a welding screen is an important step in creating a safe welding environment for yourself or your workers.

Steel panel frames and low and durable end frames provide stability to the welding screen. The hinged panels allow you to set up the unit in many different configurations. Most of all,  the end frame allows you to quickly reposition the divider into a straight, angled, “L,” or “U” shape.  Additionally, the versatility of the divider allows you to surround a welding area to create a temporary welding booth or a complete welding enclosure. The open space at the bottom of the welding screen allows for air flow and provides ample room for welding hoses and power cords.

The standard hands-free locking storage latch keeps the unit in the closed position for compact storage. Also, standard on every unit is locking self-leveling, double steel casters. Self-leveling caster wheels ensure easy mobility and a stable unit. These standard features make rolling and storing your unit an easy task. Additionally, each welding screen easily rolls through any standard doorway. Our portable welding screens are available in 18 different height and length combinations.

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A Honeycomb Core is Surrounded by Two Layers of Insulation covered in Fabric or Vinyl Covering A Honeycomb Core is Surrounded by Two Layers of Insulation covered in Fabric or Vinyl Covering

Maximum Sound Absorbing Panels

Panels are each 3/4 in thick and made of a closed-cell honeycomb core for maximum sound absorption Followed by two layers of environmentally friendly insulation to absorb ambient noise. 76% recycled fabric is used to cover the panels to reduce noise up to 55%. A steel frame surrounds the entire panel for added strength.

Self-Leveling Casters

Black Self-Leveling Casters are exclusively used on Screenflex dividers to conform to the dips and rises in a floor’s surface. Each wheel retains full contact with the floor and enables the divider to glide effortlessly over uneven surfaces.

Steel Support Base

Made with steel, our end frame design distributes the weight of the divider closer to the floor making Screenflex the ONLY patented “Stabilized Portable Room Divider” (Patent #6892784).

A Simple Turn of a Locking Wheel Secures Dividers into Position

Lockable Corner Casters

Our locking Corner Casters are pedal activated brakes that keep the Display Tower panels secure and steady. Our self-leveling casters allows our dividers to swivel 360 degrees for easy positioning and setup.

Piano Style Hinges Secure Panels Together

Strong Full-Length Hinge

Powder painted industrial hinges connect acoustical panels, top to bottom, to provide strength and stability. The powder coating protects the hinges against rust and provides an attractive appearance over years.

Storage Latch

When not in use, the storage latch secures your fire resistant dividers into a compact storage space which makes it easy to roll and move the divider.

Positionable Control Hinges

Located at the top of each hinge consists of position-control hinges (PCHs). When the divider is opened, a soft click indicates the PCH is applying just the right amount of position-holding tension on each hinge.

Made in the USA From 76% Recycled Material Made in the USA From 76% Recycled Material

Made in the U.S.A

Screenflex dividers are proudly Made in the U.S.A. using 76% recycled material.

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A Simple Turn of the Multi-Unit Connector Secures Dividers Together A Simple Turn of the Multi-Unit Connector Secures Dividers Together

Multi-Unit Connector

A set of chrome plated Multi-Unit Connectors installed on the end frames of Screenflex Fire Resistant Screens allow you to customize the length of your screen. A simple turn of the latch joins screens together to form the length you desire. Connectors may also be used to attach screens to a Screenflex Wall Frame for a more permanent room divider solution.

Door Swings Closed Door Swings Closed

Swinging Door

The swing-style door opens from either direction allowing you easy access in and out of your divided space. The door is available in 6 heights and any of our fire resistant fabric. The total width of the door, including the frame, is 24′′.

Transform divider to a more permanent solution Transform divider to a more permanent solution

Wall Frame

The optional Wall Frame lets you convert our Standard freestanding room divider into a wall-mounted temporary wall.  Once the frame is installed on a wall, you can attach your room divider or a Screenflex Door to this innovative option using the included Multi-Unit Connector.

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