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Clear Barriers for Museum Displays

The Location


The Challenge

Clear Barrier for Security

The Solution

Museums are excellent showcases of the world’s artifacts. They can hold original statues, paintings, and other forms of art from hundreds and sometimes even thousands of years ago. The goal is to preserve these commodities in their most pristine condition as there can only be one original. Some museums protect their art with safety rope stanchions as a barricade. However, for the eldest and most valuable artwork, sometimes a clear barrier can add an extra level of preservation. For this reason, museum leaders are looking to Screenflex to protect their rare artifacts.

Screenflex Clear Dividers are the see-through barriers shown in the pictures and providing an extra layer of security. These partitions are 6’2″ in height and can come in 1 or 3 panels. They can cover most displays with their expanse. The locking corner casters on the bottom also hold the screen in place for extra sturdiness. The divider can also move as the needs of the museum change. Each panel is easy to clean for when museum guests accidentally brush against the glass and leave fingerprints.

Additionally, Screenflex Acoustic Panels can help display paintings and portraits in museums. In the photos, Designer Blue Panels rest easily on the walls behind the Clear Dividers. Coming in 6 different heights ranging from 3’6″ to 7’6″ and 1’10” in length, there are panels for any location. These panels are also sound-absorbing, which is perfect for the quiet atmosphere of a museum. The sound dampening ability varies depending on the depth chosen. Whether looking for a clear barrier, or a wall panel to display art,  Screenflex has the perfect product for any museum need.