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6'-2" Clear

Our 6'-2" Clear Room divider comes in two different lengths. A 3'4" (one-panel) or 10 feet (3 panel) provides division with vision. Screenflex clear room dividers are ideal for use in schools, hospitals, offices, and the hospitality industry. They offer a clear separation between areas but allows natural light to flow through the 3/16" OPTIX® acrylic panels. Self-leveling casters stabilize the unit when moving it over uneven surfaces. A sturdy extruded aluminum channel framing with a black anodized finish surrounds the clear panel. Use multi-unit connects to secure clear room dividers to any Screenflex Room Divider.

Clear Medical Barrier

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused medical facilities to quickly adapt to the number of contagious patients coming through their doors.…

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Patient Check In Barrier

It's no secret that a doctor's office, or even a school's medical wing, can carry a lot of germs from…

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Hospital Room Barrier

Patients with infectious diseases fill various hospital beds every day. Most medical facilities have procedures to isolate these people when…

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Small Business Facility Decisions

One of the biggest decisions a small business owner must make is choosing the right size facility that will accommodate…

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Clear Barriers for Museum Displays

Museums are excellent showcases of the world's artifacts. They can hold original statues, paintings, and other forms of art from…

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Clear Plastic Room Dividers Movable and Writable

This isn't just any plastic panel room divider.  It's a 3/16" thick crystal-clear OPTIX® room divider panel.  Why OPTIX®?  OPTIX acrylic meet…

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Movable Weather Barrier Walls

The 44,000 square foot Ossining Public Library boasts a multi-floor glass wall. The glass lets in a lot of natural light…

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Collaborative Learning Environment Essentials

Tools for a Collaborative Learning Environment From chalkboards to whiteboards, from whiteboards to clear writable surfaces, times sure have changed.…

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Clear Room Divider Uses at NASA

Screenflex Clear Room Divider Uses in a NASA Facility Here, clear Screenflex Room Dividers protect spectators from flying drones at…

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