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Clear Visibility in Day Room

The Location

Day Room in a Correctional Facility

The Challenge

Direct traffic with clear sight lines

The Solution

As a correctional officer, you probably know the visibility of your inmates is necessary for all rooms of your facility. However, placing barriers around the space for crowd control can also be equally important. To get the best of both worlds, try placing Screenflex Clear or Frosted Dividers where you need to manage crowds. In a day room or other gathering spaces, these clear portable walls offer visibility while still controlling traffic flow.

The Screenflex Plexiglass Divider has a variety of options for any space. You can get these dividers in one-panel, three-panel, and five-panel options. These panels fold accordion-style which allows you to create right-angled shapes for any sharp corners in the facility. Additional options of this divider include frosted material on either half or the whole panel. This half frosted option allows clear visibility in your day room while offering an opaque element to the bottom. Another benefit of a clear divider in any room is allowing more light in. Sometimes these rooms have limited or no windows, and they need as much light as possible. With clear room dividers in place, light can still pass through and make the room feel bigger. These portable dividers are the best option for correctional facilities or holding cells.