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Security Screening Barrier Walls Improve Safety

Market: Government - GSA
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Airport security check screens

The Location

Security Screening

The Challenge

Crowd control

The Solution

Security checkpoints can be unpredictable for both the employees and visitors depending on the number of people.  Having clearly designated areas for crowd flow can assist in managing the safety checkpoint process and ensure proper procedures are met.  Screenflex Room Divider walls assist in organizing security checkpoints in terminals, government buildings, and entertainment venues by improving crowd control by clearly marking areas for visitors to enter and to restrict access to unwanted guests.  The walls are easily repositionable to adapt to the ever-changing needs and layout requirements that occur from time to time.  The portable partitions also allow staff to create security areas to privately inspect luggage/bags, conduct interviews, and carry out pat-down screening.  The movable walls store compactly and are an important resource tool in all areas of a facility that need separation.

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