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Industrial Warehouse Dividers

The Location

Local Factory Workspace

The Challenge

Section Off and Create Safety in a Warehouse

The Solution

In a factory or warehouse setting, organization and safety are both essential. Depending on the nature of the company, each workspace could be separated for general safety protocols. For this reason, using visual and auditory barriers can help create a safe environment. Screenflex Dividers are perfect for any industrial warehouse for a number of different reasons. Not only do they limit dangerous distractions, but they can also help absorb sound in a large room that would be noisy otherwise.

As shown above, the Screenflex Heavy Duty Divider in particular is a great addition to this type of facility. These industrial-strength dividers provide the extra durability that a warehouse needs. These freestanding partitions not only rest on top of casters for easy portability, but there are also dual-ball-bearing casters for extra stability over any surface. The end frames also have an added steel crossbar for extra support. Another added feature to these portable walls is the steel-reinforced gusset plates. Similar to our Standard Dividers, the Heavy Duty Screen also has tackable fabric. In the pictures above, this comes in handy by displaying safety notices. In general, these industrial warehouse dividers are an excellent addition to any manufacturer.

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